Pius XII Basketball Free Throw District Champs

(1) Mario Malerba winner of the Boys Age 10 category; (2) Cory Levesque winner of the Boys Age 11 category; (3) Andrew Phillion winner of the Boys Age 14 category. Members of the Knights of Columbus, Gary Blaseg (left) and Stan Zloty awarded the medals to the winning players.

February 19, 2007 - The Basketball Free-Throw hosted by Pius XII school and directed by the Knights of Columbus was a huge success. Students competed with other schools in throwing 25 shots to the basketball net. The student who sunk the most baskets was the winner in their age category.

Congratulation to the 3 students from Pius XII school who will proceed to the Regional Levels:

photo 1: Mario Malerba winner for the age 10 boys category

photo 2: Cory Levesque winner for the age 11 boys category

photo 3: Andrew Phillion winner for age 14 boys category



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