Taking the "Pinky Pledge" at Pius XII

After Rachel Ransburry, Gr.6 student puts blue nailpolish on Kiana Manitowabi's pinky, Kiana makes a 'Pinky Pledge' that she will be kind to others and make Pius a 'Drama Free School'.

November 21, 2012 - Pius XII Catholic Elementary students participated recently in a 'Pinky Pledge' as part of their anti-bullying week events. Pius has linked up with Secret Deodorant with an anti-bullying campaign 'Mean Stinks'. Girls made a pinky promise to be a 'Drama Free School'. Students pledged that they will be kind, symbolized by wearing blue polish on their pinky fingers. Pius XII school has many activities and events lined up for 2 weeks to celebrate Bullying Prevention.



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