Pius XII Catholic School Adopts Lung Association's Laps for Lungs Health Promotion & Fundraising Program

November 16, 2005 - The Lung Association is pleased to announce Laps for Lungs. It is a fun filled activity that combines fundraising and health promotion that directly benefits children living with asthma and our school.

The Lung Association is a registered charity that funds respiratory research, promotes better management of asthma, helps those with chronic lung disease, promotes a tobacco-free society and addresses the effects of air quality on lung health.

Laps for Lungs is and activity where students, while supervised, are asked to walk or run around a marked track or gymnasium until they are short of breath. All students will be given a small bottle of bubbles to blow. When the students blow these bubbles after completing the activity, it will help them to understand what a person feels when they have an asthma episode. Education and awareness will allow children with asthma and their parents to better understand this disease and feel supported within the school environment.

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